Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spending Christmas in Another Country

If I could spend Christmas in another country I would choose to spend it in either Switzerland or Germany. 

I watch a lot of public television and one of my favorite programs is Rick Steve's - Travels in Europe.  One year I saw a Christmas special he did showing several countries and the traditions they share during the holiday season.  The towns he visited in these countries are not places a lot of tourists would ever think to go to.  The people were sweet and charming.  And although each country he visited was beautiful, magical places, Germany and Switzerland really stuck out from the others with me.

I like Switzerland, one because you're guaranteed a white Christmas. (at least it seems there's always snow there in winter).   Plus there's so much you can do. I would love to go sleigh riding and walking through the villages/towns looking in the shops. The scenery was so old world - quaint and cozy. One tradition I saw was in the evening they were sking down a snow-covered hill holding torches. It looked lot a lot of fun. Then afterwards, they were all gathered in a cute little cabin enjoying a lovely meal by candlelight.  A perfect way to end a day of being with family and friends.

The town Rick visited in Germany was hopping with lots of Christmas cheer. The marketplace was alive with music, lots of food, cute little stands to shop for gifts and decorations everywhere.  Germany has such a rich, strong tradition. It'as all about family and friends.  I so would love to visit one Christmas.  Who knows. Maybe one day I'll get the chance. Maybe. 

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Mel said...

We love Rick Steves. His Christmas special is one of our favorites. We have watching it the last couple years and look forward to watching it again this year.