Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shopping for Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was Columbus Day here in the USA and all government offices were closed.  I took advantage of the time off by having a Rudy Day and went shopping for Christmas gifts.  I'm happy to say that after months of putting off this task, I have about half of my list done. Woohoo! 

I got my step-dad a new MP3 player with FM radio so he can listen to his music when he does his exercises at the VA gym.  I got my mom a couple pairs of pajamas (something she mentioned last year).  My mom is the only person each year, I have difficulty shopping for.  I'm still not done with her though.  I bought my 11 yr old niece Diary of a Whimpy kid movie. I'm doing a craft basket for her and will put the movie with everything.   For my two old high-school friends I'm putting together  "white" theme baskets for them.  So far I got them cute robes with hoods and a pair of slippers. Just a few more bath items (bubble bath, body lotion, etc.) and they will be done.

For the guys/boys in my family I bought a Dallas Cowboy shirt, a sweater, a polo shirt,  2 crew-neck thermal henley shirts, a graphic t-shirt and graphic hoody, 2 race track sets, a sweat suit, and a cute toddler outfit.  For the ladies/girls I bought a fleece vest with coordinate pants, 2 'Down' quilted vests, satin pajamas, fleece pajamas, 4 hat/scarf/glove sets, a bath robe, 2 sweaters and a pair of jeans.

By the time I got home I was exhausted, tired and hungry - but happy.