Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Journaling - Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Admirable or Irritating?

For me, seeing the Salvation Army bell ringers is a sure sign (along with Eggnog and Christmas store displays) that the holiday season is in full effect.  I always look forward to seeing the bell ringer standing outside my local grocery store.  Unfortunately they haven't been there in the last couple of years.  With the economy being the way it's been lately, not many people (including myself) are able to make generous donations, therefore not many volunteers are need.  Wherever I go, if there's a worker outside with their bell and bucket, I try to drop in a couple of dollars.  I feel bad when I pass one and don't have any money to make a contribution.  I especially love seeing little kids asking for change from their parents/grandparents so that they can put money in to the bucket.  They just look so darn adorable.


Mel said...

I didn't see many bell ringers last year. The reason being they couldn't find enough volunteers. Hopefully, there will be more this year.

Anonymous said...

one of the ways that I always have money to put into the kettle--is I put 20 one dollar bills in an envelop and keep it in my purse and every I pass by-I can drop in a buck.