Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holiday Decorating Style

Is it traditional, country, whimsical, north-woodsy,  or child-like:?

I guess my style would be traditional with a little whimsy.

I have always decorated with the classic Christmas colors of green, red and gold. I guess it's because I have these colors throughout my home all year long (or variations of these colors).  I love using using lots of  ornaments on the trees.  And you can find almost anywhere around my home Santas and snowmen, nutcrackers, villages pieces, nativity scenes and lots and lots of candles.  Oh let's not forget comfy throws and plush pillows for relaxing and keeping warm.

Every room in my home gets decorated for Christmas, including the bathroom, and every room has a Christmas tree.  An old childhood friend visited me last year during Christmas for the first time and remarked, "It looks like you threw-up Christmas in here,"  I guess she's right.

Yes I love Christmas.  I start decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  I crank up the Christmas music and decorate til my hearts content.  I spend the entire weekend turning my little palace into a cozy holiday home.  Some of the rooms even have a theme.

The kitchen is a gingerbread theme.  The bathroom is poinsettia, the diningroom is Santa Claus, the guest room is toyland.  The living doesn't have a theme.  Neither does my bedroom.  Despite the different looks, every room coordinates with each other.


Mandie said...

I think my decorating style would be country/traditional. Right now I am loving anything white!

Nancy said...

Aggy, I love reading your blogs, they are always so enthusiastic and that makes me happy !!!

I am going shopping this weekend to see if I can find a Christmas themed shower curtain and the accessories to go with it !!

Mel said...

I love the country/rustic look, but to be honest, my decorating style is "Anything goes".