Sunday, November 7, 2010

The First Sunday!

It's the first Sunday of November.  Thanksgiving in the USA is only three weeks away. Time for talking turkey - gobble, gobble, gobble.

Today I had plans to spend the entire day indoors but it was not to be.  My mom has been having trouble with her truck and finally was able to get it fixed.  Her catalytic (sp?) converter had to be replaced. 

So while her truck was being worked on we had breakfast at IHOP and then went shopping at the nearby shopping center.  We had loads of fun.  First we went in to Marshall's where I picked out three nice outfits for gifts.  And I saw the cutest little baby bib that said, "Baby's First Thanksgiving."  I may have to go back and get that for my great-niece. 

Then we went in to Dollar Tree where I found two Christmas movies on VHS: "Veggie Tales The Toy That Saved Christmas" and "Surviving Christmas."  (Yes I still own a VHS player - lol)  I am going to watch them tonight.


lesli said...

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Leann said...

I have so many HVS tapes that when our player died, I bought a dual vhs and dvd player.

Sounds like you had a great day!

Mel said...

We still own a VCR as well and have some old VHS movies that we watch.