Thursday, July 9, 2009

CIJ - July 9th

The weather has been extremely cool the last two mornings/nights. One would think it's fall instead of summer. With these cool temps I'm feeling more anxious for the holidays to get here. The weather also has me thinking about hosting breakfast in early December. I would get to have my family altogether twice in one month instead of the one time (which is Christmas Eve).

Here's The Plan

Decide on a date
Create guest list
Create and print invitations
Decide on a menu
Come up with some cute 'favors' for guests to take home

I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!
Ahorsesoul from HMM

printersdevil said...

YOu have more willpower than me if you don't open it and use the sleigh during the holidays!

Aggy said...

You know printersdevil I didn't think about that. I may sit out in my bathroom but not touch the goodies inside til Christmas.