Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Decorating - Bathroom

For the past 5 years I have decorated my bathroom with a poinsettia theme. I thought I had pictures that I could show you of my bathroom from last year but I can't find them on my computerThis year will be no different. However I am making some slight changes.

I have a small 12" white tree that I sit on top of the storage cabinet. I usually decorate it with faux berries and poinsettia garland. This year I am replacing the berries with red miniature glass ornaments. The garland will be dressed up a little by spraying gold glitter on the flowers.

The bath linen stays the same, large red towels with green and red novelty towels that spell "NOEL". The rugs are red and plush. So is the lid cover. I made my lid cover more festive by hotgluing poinsettias to it. This was also done on one of my red bath towels.

On the front of the bathroom door I hang a poinsettia wreath. I want to glam that up too by spraying gold glitter on the flowers.

I have a heavy duty red plastic shower curtain which is hung with homemade poinsettia curtain hooks. I cut poinsettias from a floral bush and hot glued them to plain white hooks. I love this curtain, I can wash it in the machine and let it drip dry before putting it away at the end of the holidays. This year though I want to change up with a different curtain...something soft. Although I said I wouldn't be buying anymore decorations this year I really want new curtains in the bathroom. As of yet I'm not sure what I want but I'll know when I see it.

Curtains are one of the easiest things to make. You can use any type of fabric. Just fold over the top edge to make an opening for the shower pole and sew. I'm no seamstress, but I can do that (hahaha). I've even made curtains from bed sheets. I don't like many of the shower curtains I see in stores so if I don't make my own I will buy window curtains/panels.

I'm getting off topic so I'll stop here. .


Cathi said...

Wow, I never even thought of using window curtains for shower curtains. Since I do sew, I always assumed I would have to buy yardage from the store and piece it since it only comes 54" wide at the most. Talk about a light bulb moment! I'm with you, I don't like most of the shower curtains I see in the stores. Hope you find the pictures. Maybe when you find them all you could write them to a CD and put the CD in your Christmas notebook.

Leann said...

Great idea, I'm not sure I can attempt that. Now Cathi, she's great, she made me a stocking as a gift!

I've enjoyed reading your blog!