Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Plans for the Foyer

I have a small foyer and it too gets decorated. Just behind the front door there's a full length mirror with two topiary plants on either side. When the holidays arrive I wrap the plants with a strand of clear lights. Sometimes I like to add mini faux berries for a bit of color. From the mirror I hang a large bow. The coat closet gets decorated with a pair of these cute knitted socks.

Next to the front door stands a small side table stationed under a group of family photos. Each year the nativity usually sits on the table, but this year I will display my Christmas village. The village use to sit in a curio in the dining room. I got rid of the curio to make room for a new large buffet/side-table I am getting. From the ceiling I hang pre-lighted garland from the foyer and down the hall but I don't think I will do that this year. I plan to sparingly place tealight candles around the village to give it a nice glow.

Well that's it for the foyer. Up next...

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