Monday, July 13, 2009


Well it's been a very long time since I've posted here. The holidays were an absolute joy for me last year. I'm hoping that this year will be another success. With that said, here's what is going on for this year. Last month for Rudy day I spent the day reorganizing the closet which houses all my Christmas decorations...sorting and getting rid of things I no longer wanted or were just worn out and no longer useable.

For the remainder of this year my plans are to spend each Rudy Day crafting. So far I have several easy-to-make craft ideas that will make great gifts for family and friends. More may be added if time allows for them.

Teacup candles
Altered Jars
Advent calendar

Over at MHH and OC members are celebrating Christmas In July. We're doing everything from watching holiday movies to crafts to sharing recipe ideas. During CIJ, I am just working out plans to make Christmas relaxing and as stress free as possible. Be sure to check out my other Christmas blog, "Love of Christmas" and watch my progress.

Also stop back here later this month when I hope to show you pictures of my current craft project: Advent Calendar.

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